The Space Cowboy is a Multidisciplinary Artist from Byron Bay, Australia. A natural exhibitionist he started presenting his unusual skills locally at the age of eight and went on to shock and amaze audiences around the world. He is considered one of the most innovative Sword Swallowers alive today and performs an ever expanding list of death defying stunts including blindfolded arrow catching, chainsaw juggling on a giant unicycle, speed painting and shooting streams of electricity from his fingertips. The Space Cowboy holds 56 Guinness World Records and has made numerous television appearances including ‘Officially Amazing’, ‘Outrageous Acts Of Science’ and AGT symbolizing his success and consequent fame. Recently exploding into the Visual Arts scene his unique body of work have now been sold to collectors around the world. “I paint with bold emotion and a high-speed wet overloaded brush style, using gravity to drain the image. My art presents a monochrome duality to express a balance between life and living and death and dying with a daring glint.” With 20 million+ YouTube hits and fans around the world The Space Cowboy undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. The primary objective of his extreme performance and edgy visual art is to inspire people to push their boundaries and challenge ‘the norm’ with the message ‘What the mind can conceive the body can achieve’.


Electrifying colors vibrate off the canvas infused with an undeniably vivacious energy. This is the work of the Space Cowboy. Bold gestural brushstrokes and splashes of acrylic paint are met with sharp angular lines, the glaze of oil sticks, and diffused fields of spray paints. With his hand, he uses these mediums to synthesize the figurative and abstract into one. Imbued with a sense of motion, his intense fast applications of paint channel his expressive nature as a performer. The dynamism of his work extends beyond the canvas. Hidden in plain sight, his works come to life through interactive and immersive Augmented Reality experiences. Displaced into new surreal environments, we witness as the Space Cowboy manipulates form and color blurring the lines between the everyday and the absurd.

In this signature styling, we see a plethora of subjects emerge before us. A dark humor saturates his contemporary plays of classic mythologies, famed fairytales accented with eye-catching allusions to popular culture, explorations of anatomy and the foundations of life, and even works bordering on the autobiographical referencing his own experiences as a performer. There is something primordial, elemental, speaking to each of us as these aesthetically exhilarating images illuminate the unseen connection between us all. They transform into visual metaphors for the greater universal lessons of our world, encouraging us to look deeper into ourselves.