Another of my performing colleagues and close friend is Jason Brott (AKA: The Illustrated Penguin) from the USA. In the freakshow there are three kinds of performers, the natural borns (like conjoined twins, the three legged man etc.), the self made freaks (Tattooed and modified marvels) and the working acts (Sword swallowers, fire eaters, etc.). Jason Brott is all three! He was born very different to you and I, he has heavily modified his entire body and he performs incredible stunts like flesh hook suspensions, pierced weightlifting and the human blockhead. He stands at just 4 foot 3, he has hands where his arms are meant to be, he is completely tattooed from head to toe, he is the Illustrated Penguin.

This statue was created by making a life cast of Jason.

Fiberglass & Bronze Coat.

Size: 80cm x 50cm x 20cm.