The Space Cowboy is the only person in the world to stand ontop of a 1million volt Tesla Coil and shoot lightning from his body without the protection of wires or a metal Faraday cage, he even shoots lightning from his swallowed sword! He has performed this ‘Shocking’ act all over the world.
“Standing on my giant Tesla Coil and literally shooting 1million volts through by body makes my bones shake”.

This self portrait is set in a white wooden floating frame and is ready to hang.

Mixed media on canvas.

Size: 100cm x 75cm.

This painting is connected to augmented reality (AR). Viewing this artwork on any smart phone or tablet enables the painting to come ‘alive’ via the free Artivive app.

Included with the purchase of this painting:
-Original signed artwork
-High resolution image of The Space Cowboy performing his high voltage act
-Augmented reality viewing
-High resolution animated video
-Certificate of authenticity